Repository Details

Name of Repository: Lao Agriculture Database
Repository URL:
Responsible Organisation/ Coordinator: National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute of Lao PDR
Country of Responsible Organization: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Nature Of Repository: Stores resources in digital format and associated metadata records
Date of first operation: 01/12/2006

Number of Resources Included so far: 1500
Main Topics covered by resources: Agriculture, Education, extension, and advisory work, Plant production, Protection of plants and stored products, Forestry, Animal production, Aquatic sciences and fisheries, Natural resources
Media Format Of The Resources: PDF Documents
Type Of Learning Resources: Assessment, Case study, Narrative text, Paper/Article
Primary Human Languages used in the Resources: Laothian

Current Use Of Resources In The Repository: For collection/archiving purposes
Current Target Audiences Of The Repository: Academic staff/ Researchers, Farmers/ Professionals
In which Languages is the Repository Interface Available?: English, Laothian

Geographical Coverage
Local Regions Covered: Laos
Countries Covered: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Continents Covered: Asia

Metadata (if using/storing metadata)
Based On Some Existing Standard Or Specification: AGRIS
Metadata Records Import Capabilities: Excel/ CSV
Is there any Documentation (paper/guidelines) describing the metadata scheme that you are using?: Yes
Metadata Records Export Capabilities: Excel/ CSV
Supported Harvesting Protocol Standard: None

Important Note: This information has been submitted by a representative of the repository, and AgLR-TF has no responsibility for any missing or erraneous data