Agricultural Learning Repositories (AgLR 2008) E-Conference


Welcome to the first Agricultural Learning Repositories E-Conference. Fruitful discussions have taken place during an overall period of about six weeks (April 24 - June 15, 2008). The aim of the e-Conference was to initiate the dialogue around the topic of Agricultural Learning Repositories, involving organizations and individuals that are active in the field of agricultural learning repositories.

The AgLR 2008 e-Conference was organized as an electronically facilitated discussion. It has been the first of a series of events that will be supported and promoted by the Agricultural Learning Repositories Task Force (AgLR-TF). AgLR-TF organized this e-Conference in order to explore the needs and requirements of stakeholders that are already involved in the development and operation of agricultural learning repositories.

The e-Conference was held in English. A report that summarized the major ideas and contributions can be downloaded from here (in PDF format).

The outcomes of the e-Conference will be also discussed in the Workshop on
Learning Technology Standards for Agriculture and Rural Development
) to be held in Athens, Greece, on September 19, 2008.


The e-Conference is divided into Phases (or sessions) of about 1 week each:

  • Phase 1: 24-27 April 2008: Introductions, stage setting
  • Phase 2: 28 April - 4 May 2008: Understanding and expectations from learning resources for agricultural & rural communities
  • Phase 3: 5-11 May 2008: Repositories with open educational resources for agriculture & rural development
  • Phase 4: 12-18 May 2008: Metadata & ontologies for agricultural learning resources
  • Phase 5: 19-25 May 2008: Tools & technologies for agricultural learning repositories
  • Phase 6: 25 May - 1 June 2008: Promotion & use of agricultural learning repositories
  • Phase 7: 2-15 June 2008: Closing, next steps

At the beginning of each Phase, a Moderator posed a set of
questions related to the topic of the Phase. In addition, distinguished experts were interviewed, and the interviews have been recorded. You may find more information by clicking on the following links:

Invited Keynote Speakers

Invited Session Moderators