2nd Workshop of Learning Repositories for Agriculture, Food & Environment (AgLRs) Stakeholders


• FAO of the UN
• Organic.Edunet Targeted Project, eContentplus Programme
• ASPECT Best Practice Network, eContentplus Programme


The goal of this event was to revisit the status and role of the Agricultural Learning Repositories Task Force (AgLR-TF), and discuss how it should evolve to support the needs of organizations and initiatives that are developing, producing, organising, and publishing learning resources on topics of agricultural and rural interest. This meeting builds on the momentum and outcomes of the 1st Stakeholders’ meeting in Leuven in 2007 and the Agricultural Learning Repositories E-Conference in 2008.

The event was co-located with the Technical Course on Federation of Learning Repositories for Agriculture, Food & Environment, and aimed to better shape a vision regarding the future of AgLR-TF: how can such a Task Force help existing initiatives and organisations; what kind of information and services should its website offer ; what types of activities should be organised to enhance community building and creating liaisons between people working on related topics.

The expected outcome of the workshop was to identify a number of AgLR-TF “next steps” that will ensure the continuing value of the initiative.

Added value:

Participants discussed issues related to enhancing the cooperation between stakeholders developing and operating AgLRs, in order to enrich the role of AgLR-TF as an international network of learning repositories with content of agricultural and rural interest. Distinguished Learning Technologies (LT) experts introduced participants to the current landscape of LT initiatives, technologies and platforms that enhance the cooperation of content producers and publishers. Through case studies, Participants learned the benefits of federating their AgLRs into thematic or regional networks, as well as their overall interconnection under the umbrella of international consortia like GLOBE. Through the organization of participatory working sessions during the event, emphasis was given on the identification of clustering/networking opportunities on areas of interest.


• Participants of the 1st Stakeholder Meeting in Leuven (2007)
• AgLR-TF members
• Representatives/presenters of existing AgLRs
• Representatives of organizations/initiatives producing learning resources of rural interest, aiming at setting up an AgLR

Download Final Program in PDF right-click here and "Save target as" for final programme file.

Stephen Rudgard - to be provided soon
David Massart & Nikos Manouselis - Summary of Technical Course on Federation of AgLR Repositories
Erik Duval - From Scarcity to Abundance of learning resources: Ariadne and the Snowflake Effect
Frans Van Assche - Benefits of Sharing and Reusing Learning Resources and How To Achieve Them

Presented Initiatives
- ENACA.org (Simon Wilkinson)
- AgroCURI (V. Balaji)
- FAO Capacity Building portal (Rosana Frattini)
- InfoAndina (Musuq Delgado, Miguel Saravia)
- BIOAGRO (Alexander Sideridis)
- OERCommons (Elena Schulman)
- AgroWeb (Michal Demes, Narine Khurshudyan)
- KAINET (Rachel Rege)
- TragLOR (Zeynel Cebeci)
- Intute AgroFor (Jackie Wickham)
- ECOLOGICA (Salvatore Basile, Laszlo Radics)
- Organic.Edunet (Nikos Palavitsinis)
- AIMS.SADC.int (Victor Ngulube)
- CGIAR Learning Repository (Jan Beniest, Thomas Zschocke)

The results of the working groups session can be downloaded by right-clicking here and "Save target as".

For additional info: aglrcourse09@grnet.gr